Large CNC Machining, Welding, Precision Gear Milling, Assembly, Automated Systems & 3D Printing

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Since 1941, Machinists Inc. of Seattle provides ISO 9001 certified metal fabrication, welding, CNC Machining, finishing and assembly. We operate the largest precision machining shop in the Northwest and have the ability to react quickly to our customer’s needs and get large, complex projects completed on schedule.

With a wide range of certified, experienced professionals, we can provide composite tooling, integrated systems, engineering, aerospace tooling, fabrication and welding, shaft turning, large machining, horizontal boring, 5-axis machining, inspection, finishing and logistics. From our headquarters in Seattle, Washington we serve the entire U.S.A. and international clients.

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We saw what was happening as the global pandemic of COVID-19 grew and medical supplies ran low. We started asking ourselves what we can do to help. We looked no further than our Stratasys F900 3D printer and put it to the test.

Machinists Inc. adds 3D Printing: Rapid prototyping and modeling

3D Printing: Rapid prototyping and modeling at Machinists Inc.

Our Stratys F900 3D Printer, with the largest build size of any FDM (fused deposition modeling) system, is designed to handle the most demanding manufacturing needs.

Gear box repair puts state-of-the-art oil tanker back in business

Machinists Inc.’s recent acquisition of The Gear Work’s assets has wide ranging implications for the future of the company.

New gear manufacturing equipment at Machinists Inc.

The capabilities of Machinists Inc. are expanding. The recent acquisition of the The Gear Works assets has added amazing […]

MI engineer uses his skills to help a local artist

By Ian Dunn Machinists Inc. is known for crafted precision products, not necessarily fine works of art. However, that perception is changing. Steve Pollard has been […]

Machinsts Inc. goes into overtime for Alaska project

By Ian Dunn When Louis Dreyfus TravOcean needed some expertise to outfit their barge for the harsh conditions of northern Alaska, they knew where to turn, […]